The 'Cast Next Door
A minute by minute podcast about the thriller The Boy Next Door, from the people who brought you A Talking 'Cast!?!
E82 Chekov’s Epipen, Used.

Garrett gets shot, Noah gets an epipen to the eye.

E81 Firestarter

Noah pours gas, then Claire accidentally sets the barn on fire! Well done Claire!

E80 Coat Grab

TWACK! But Noah gets up and drags Claire. Then he picks up a can of gas!!

E79 Noah Talking

Claire negotiates with Noah.

E78 Enter The Barn

Claire goes to the barn with Noah, Garrett and Kevin are there. Against their will.

E77 Get out of the car.

Noah takes Claire out of the car.

E76 RIP Vicky

Claire is scared by a cat! Then scared by a Vicky! Then she runs to her car!

E75 Pokin’ ’round.

Claire wanders around Vicky's dark house.