The 'Cast Next Door
A minute by minute podcast about the thriller The Boy Next Door, from the people who brought you A Talking 'Cast!?!
E74 Claire Spills!

Noah tricks Claire into coming over.

E73 101 With Noah

Noah has a lot of words for Vicky.

Bonus Episode: Australia

Jodhi talks to fellow Australians Anh-Tu and Daniel about their episodes this week.

E72 Kevin makes a sandwich.

Kevin makes a sandwich, Noah lures him to Vicky's farm.

E71 2006 Minivan

Claire takes a look at a burnt out van.

E70 Minivan Go BOOM!

Kevin was at the door! Noah was at Vicky's! Claire talks to a detective! Noah's dad and mistress explode!

E69 Boo!

Boo! Uncle Bob isn't dead, but he is confused as to why Mrs Peterson is in his house.

E68 Trash

Claire does some file trashing on Noah's MacBook.